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T³ Europe: 20

20th Anniversary of T³ In Europe

T³ - Teacher Teaching with Technology™ - is  the educational network that shares ideas and visions on the implementation of TI technology in Math, Science and STEM education.

T³ organizes professional development by teachers for teachers to help them with the valuable integration of graphing technology in their classroom and provides educational materials based on teachers' best practices to be used for free in the classroom.

In 1986 the professors Bert Waits & Frank Demana of the University of Columbus Ohio, US, asked Texas Instruments to develop a Graphing Calculator, based on their ideas and their materials for the book "Pre Calculus Mathematics, A Graphical Approach". Because of this new approach in teaching mathematics Bert & Frank started to organize trainings in to validate their ideas and to train teachers in how to implement their new approaches. 

This resulted in 1990 in TI's first graphing calculator, the TI-81, and the start of the educational network T³ to provide in-service Professional Development to master the competences for efficient integration of graphing technology. 

In 1994 and 1995, Bert and Frank invited professors and researchers from all over the world to participate in the US T³ conferences to share their ideas internationally. Thanks to the success of these conferences Bert travelled around in Europe to find the right partners to start T³ in Europe. 

This resulted in the foundation of T³ Europe in 1996 at the International Conference on Math Education - ICME 8 - in Seville Spain. T³ Europe is currently the international network of educators, based on the use of TI graphing technology in Math, Science and STEM education connecting regional T³ networks in 12 European countries.

The T³ networks allow teachers around Europe:

  • to organize professional development 
  • to train colleagues in the efficient and valuable use of graphing technology
  • to develop and share activities and materials to be used for free in the classroom 
  • to enrich the classroom experience through the power of visualization 
  • to stimulate and improve the integration of graphing technology in education
  • to assist teachers in increasing student motivation and achievement 

As technology is a part of student life, it is our responsibility to help them use technology efficiently to become active learners through explorations and investigations and get a better and deeper understanding of mathematical and scientific concepts, to become the future innovators!

Based on what Bert Waits wrote in 2000:

          Some Knowledge & Skills become more important because technology requires it. 
                   Some Knowledge & Skills become less important because technology replaces it. 
                            Some Knowledge & Skills become possible because technology allows it.