Sharing Inspiration 2017

Igniting Serious STEM Education

Sharing Inspiration conferences bring T³ members, researchers and educators together to share and discuss the value of TI technology in STEM education. These events aim at providing quality professional development and sharing ideas and expertise with Ministries of Education, curriculum development and exam bodies, pre- and in-service professional development organizations, pedagogical research institutions and content providers.

The next one will take place in Brussels on March 24-26 (invitation only)

This video will give you a short introduction about our biennial conference, Sharing Inspiration.

Pre-Conference for Policy Makers

Brussels, Friday March 24, 0830 - 1300

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Main Conference: Sharing Inspirations 2017 - Igniting Serious STEM Education

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Plenary Session Keynotes

Interactive Playstations at the Playground

Workshops and paper presentations about various topics