T3 - Teachers Teaching
with TechnologyTM

is the professional development program for the successful use of Texas Instruments educational technology in teaching and learning of mathematics, science and engineering world wide.


Teachers Teaching with TechnologyTM

And how TI Technology makes the difference

Some Mathematics becomes more important because technology requires it.
         Some Mathematics becomes less important because technology replaces it.
                 Some Mathematics becomes possible because technology allows it.
                                                                                          Bert Waits - 2000

Examples and presentations that illustrate the value of TI technology for Mathematics, Science and Engineering education

Online training about the features and functionality of TI technology, based examples to illustrate the valuable integration of technology in education

A library of materials - from classroom activities to research articles -
about the use of TI technology in math and science education

Websites - from educators to publishers - about the use of TI technology
to learn and teach mathematics and science