An European TI-Nspire™ Science Pilot 2012

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During the European TI-Nspire Science Pilot 2010-2012, a group of teachers gathered to explore the value of TI-Nspire technology for science education more closely. The group was composed of very experienced T3 trainers with many years of experience in running sessions on national and international level as well as teachers using the technology for the first time. The group was largely representative of:

  • Europe, coming from 8 different countries
  • Science subjects with physics, chemistry and biology teachers taking part
  • Type of school with junior high (11-16) senior high (11-18) and college (17-19)

The activities were designed and carried out by the participants of the European Science Pilot.  The vast majority of them follow a similar philosophy.  They tend to be investigative tasks, aligned with the general trend and practical work. 

There were two documents for each experiment.  A student sheet and a set of notes for the teacher. The student sheet was not intended to be a work sheet and did not contain all the instructions for carrying out a task.  In particular most key instructions to use the TI-Nspire properly were missing.  The notes sometimes referred to a tns file which can be used in addition to the student sheet.

The teacher notes contained results and tips for ensuring the success of the activity, if problems were encountered.

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