The TI STEM Lab Network is a group of general and vocational secondary schools across Europe with a strong profile in STEM education. It is a platform for collaboration among the network schools and with national and international STEM initiatives. Teaching and learning content will be developed, evaluated and shared for adoption in everyday classrooms. The network cooperates with policy-makers, and curriculum and exam commissions to enhance next-generation curricula. In times of accelerated digitalization, the network promotes the indispensable relevance of strong STEM education for every student. Pedagogical quality standards for the network are set and controlled by T³ Europe in cooperation with partner universities.

Profile of TI STEM Labs

TI STEM Lab schools explore new integrative ways in math, science, computer science and engineering education. The network serves as platform to exchange practical experience on national and international level. Knowledge transfer happens in means of professional development and by dissemination of educational content.

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