Teachers Teaching with Technology (T³) Europe - Our Vision

Sharing best practice in professional development, pedagogy and expertise in curricula across Europe.

T³ Europe is an association of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) teachers across Europe. Since its founding in 1996 at ICME-8 in Sevilla, Spain, it has trained tens of thousands of teachers in the effective use of technology. In many countries T³ is hosted by universities, pedagogical institutions or teacher associations.

T³ Europe :

  • Offers professional development and teaching materials aligned to the local curricula
  • Seeks to nurture collaboration and networking among professional STEM associations
  • Works with universities and researchers to ensure scientific evidence
  • Provides more than 20 years of experience to policy makers who are working on the next generation of curricula and exams

T³ instructors are convinced that the proper use of technology has the power to enhance STEM education. Know more about “Sharing Inspirations” and “The Power of Visualization”

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Pedagogical value of purpose-built technology

Numerous leading educators support Texas Instruments developing it’s technologies for math, science and STEM classrooms. Know more about our view of the value of technology in the classroom

The value of teaching with technology

Why Texas Instruments?

Texas Instruments has been the primary sponsor of T³ Europe since its founding more than 20 years ago. T³ instructors describe the relationship between T³ Europe and TI as a symbiotic. While T³ Europe is fully independent in respect of its pedagogical vision regarding STEM education, it welcomes organizational resources of its primary sponsor.

T³ Europe Network

T³ Europe is the umbrella body for 14 self-contained country organizations. In many countries, T³ is hosted by universities, pedagogical institutions or teacher associations.