The Power of Realization

Brussels, March 28-31, 2019

The conference theme has a double meaning: “to realize” in the sense of “to understand” and also in the sense of “to make something concretely happen”, reflecting pedagogical efforts around “Coding” and “Making”.

Sharing Inspiration 2019 will be held over 4 days in total:

  • The first day (Thursday March 28) is specifically designed for policy makers, industry stakeholders and key decision makers. Around 100 participants will exchange their point of view on STEM in various panel and workshop formats. 

    Conference program: following soon.
    Conference registration: open registration following soon.

  • Day 2 to 4 are designed for educators. From Friday March 29 to Sunday March 31, around 180 T³ instructors from Europe, Australia and US and guests from befriended organizations will meet for 3 days and exchange ideas in various presentation and workshop formats on Math, Science and STEM education.

    Conference program: available soon.
    Conference registration: on invitation only.

In case of interest please contact your T³ country representative or T³ Europe organization team under

Agenda Highlights

  • The M in STEM – the link between S, T and E
  • Real World Investigations: Science - The S in STEM
  • Coding Skills for Maths and Science Classes
  • Concept understanding by “Making” with TI-84 Plus CE-T/TI-83 Premium CE
  • “Making” with TI-Nspire™
  • Technology update with pedagogical perspective
  • Classroom activities - Teaching with technology in practice