Sharing Inspiration 2022 - A touch of STEM

Webinar series T³ Europe 

In 2022 the T3 Europe teacher network will offer a special webinar series for STEM teachers. Inspired by scientists, each webinar will showcase the beauty of STEM and inspire you as a teacher. Speakers from different countries will share curriculum aligned STEM ideas and practices that you do not find in textbooks. All webinars focus on application in the classroom!

Teachers sharing with teachers
All speakers are teachers who are aware of the needs in education. They will present topics and special projects that can be adapted to be used in your own classroom. Most of the topics they cover, are supported by classroom activities available in the Europe content portal. So let them inspire you and help you to bring a little spice to your classroom! During and at the end of the webinar there will also be room for peer-to-peer interaction.

The webinars are scheduled at the end of the working day (17.00 PM European central time) and last for 60-90 minutes. In this way you can end your day on a high note and with food for thought. The advantage of attending the live webinar is that you can ask questions and discuss with other teachers. If you cannot make the live webinar, no problem! You can also watch the recording of each webinar after the event.

Topics Webinar Series 2022

Webinar recording March 31 - webinar ‘Descartes’ (Alexandre Técher)
Webinar recording April 14 - webinar ‘Euler’ (Hans-Martin Hilbig and Dr. Hubert Langlotz)
Webinar recording May 24 - webinar ‘Fahrenheit’ (Ian Galloway)
Webinar recording June 2 - webinar ‘Monte Carlo’ (Robert Cabane)
Webinar recording June 16 - webinar ‘Escher’ (Bert Wikkerink)
Webinar recording November 7 - webinar ‘Curie’ (Christine Buerki)
Webinar recording December 20 - webinar Numerical Methods of Solving Equations to Develop Computational Thinking and Math Learning (Raul Goncalves)

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Sharing Inspiration since 2007
Many teachers from different European countries involved in the T³ Europe network have been meeting every second year since 2007 in the ‘Sharing Inspiration’-conference. Every year teachers were invited to take part in the conference. Since we opted for a virtual format, all STEM teachers are able to participate in Sharing Inspiration. “The added value is that you learn from each other and that you make international contacts,” according to one of the participants.