Sharing Inspiration

Sharing Inspiration conferences bring T³ members, researchers and educators together to share and discuss the value of TI technology in STEM education. These events aim at providing quality professional development and sharing ideas and expertise with Ministries of Education, curriculum development and exam bodies, pre- and in-service professional development organizations, pedagogical research institutions and content providers.

Sharing Inspiration 2019 - The Power of Realization

As digitalization is accelerating, STEM education needs to prepare students for the world of tomorrow. Sharing Inspiration 2019 will occur from 29 to 31 March 2019 in Brussels, Belgium.

Stay tuned for the conference program to be announced Fall 2018.

Sharing Inspiration 2017 - Igniting Serious STEM Education 


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Sharing Inspiration 2015

“Beyond Sharing inspiration: 21st Century Teaching and Training Skills”

Focus topics have been the integration of technology throughout the learning process, efficiency of formative assessment and collaborative learning, teaching and learning with dynamic computer algebra and real world investigations.

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Sharing Inspiration 2013

“Sharing Inspiration: 21st Century Teaching and Training Skills”

The further professionalization of the T³ instructor base by exploring the research findings of the EdUMatics project and applying them to the T³ work has been major topic . Other topics were Lua Script on TI-Nspire™, results from T³ Europe Science pilots, science and engineering education and formative assessment questions.

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Sharing Inspiration 2008

“Exchanges between European TI-Nspire™  communities”

T³ instructors across Europe exchanged about multi-modal learning processes, the teaching opportunities of mutiple representation technologies and the future of assessment in mathematics.

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Sharing Inspiration 2007

“Exchanges between European TI-Nspire™ Pilot Network Teachers”

The conference focused on sharing experiences with TI-Nspire™ pilot classes and new pedagogical possibilities of multiple-representation technologies for teaching, learning and assessment.

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