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Posted 26/05/2020 by Ian Galloway

Since the start of the corona crisis, the T³ teachers' association has developed webinars so you as a teacher can continue to work remotely on your professional development. The free T³ Europe webinars are designed for T³ instructors and lead teachers enhancing their knowledge about effective use of TI technology. The webinar series has got off to a good start. Since April 2, 2020 three talks have been completed on the physics behind friction, the upcoming Python programming environment on TI-Nspire™ technology and a remote control by using the TI-Innovator™ Hub. Registration ran at more than 180 for the three with about 50 people logging in to listen at each session.


True STEM project: using Morse code in class

Nearly 70 people registered for Alexandre Gomes talk about his remote-controlled TI-Innovator™ Rover. This is a beautifully constructed project in which students translate text into Morse, Morse into text and control a lamp to send messages to the
TI-Innovator™ Rover’s light sensor. “Students have to overcome the difficulty of ambient lighting,” says Alexandre Gomes. “Although it is unlikely that vehicles would be controlled in this manner all the relevant technical difficulties of the real world are part of this project. Using a code, devising a sender and receiver, encrypting and decrypting and finally calibration. The project contains 12 separate activities so all students can be actively involved. The advantage is that all their input matters, which stimulates teamwork. The greatest challenge for them is to figure out how to transform light signals into information. This is truly a STEM project in the best sense of devising an engineering solution to a problem and combining coding and mathematics.”


morse code

You can watch the recording of the webinar True STEM project: using Morse code in class


Sessions lined up next months

We hope that more of you will come forward with your own work which you would like to communicate to the T³ community. We have several sessions lined up for you over the next few months. One is about the launch of a new project while the other, part 1 of 2, is about why it is essential to teach students coding using Python. Looking further ahead we have: Music and STEM, digital exams and widgets, part 2 of Python for students, energy monitoring, the Herrnhuter Star, Python for educators, eco schools and educator support from TI, plenty to whet your appetite.

You can find all upcoming webinars here.